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Afterthoughts... - Retrospective : Tokyo

About Afterthoughts...

Previous Entry Afterthoughts... Sep. 25th, 2005 @ 10:47 pm Next Entry
Overall, it was the best trip i had ever had. The planning was tight and a bit rush at times but hey, it's only 5 short days... if it was 2 weeks, we could cover tokyo i bet, but we would be damn poor too :P
I was under stressed sometimes, JS had to remind me to cool down. At times we stayed at a certain place for too long, and went ahead of our intended trip schedule...hence we missed several places that i intended to cover... namely, roppongi hills, tokyo tower, ginza, ueno/ameyoko, asakusa, Kabukicho, ikebukuro. But im happy we covered harajuku,shibuya and odaiba. Those places are must go imho. And ghibli and bandai museum too, guess normal package tours wouldn't bring you there. Anyhow, I'll be back definitely! This is the first time i've said this for a trip overseas, i never really said that for melbourne or bangkok but for japan... yep, ill be back next year! This time 2 weeks! XD
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